STM-Service is located in the beautiful German state Thuringia. In this area, handicraft is not only a profession but a way of life. With its historical buildings it is also one of the most architecturally interesting regions in Germany.

Here the founder Thomas Mothes learnt his craftsman's abilities. Specialized on furniture department stores, he gained considerable experience as a subcontractor and employee carrying out interior work and assembly.
This expertise was a solid basis for a successful market positioning when he set up his own business in 2006. Today STM-Service is a healthy company, delivering high-quality project results.

STM impresses with its reliability in reaching project deadlines, the ability to meet special customer requirements and its attractive price-performance ratio.
Our business partners appreciate the accuracy and competence of our employees. Every project STM realizes with its clients strengthens this partnership and we thank our partners for the confidence they place in us.





Craft will gain even more prestige the more it is anxious to combine the useful with the beautiful.

Heinrich Wilhelm Josias Thiersch (1817 - 1885), German theologian and poet


We reached our goal, earning recognition for our excellent work. Today we are proud to have the world's largest furniture retailer among our clientele.

As an IKEA assembly and construction partner we carry out major and minor projects professionally and promptly. Our competent team handles single interior fittings, executes complete remodel projects as well as new store build outs.

Whether a rebuild is planned for the market hall, kitchen department, restaurant or showroom, we understand how to get the following tasks done right and routinely:

  • Painting and Wallpapering
  • Flooring
  • Carpentry
  • Faays
  • Racking - Disassembly/Assembly
  • Furniture Assembly
  • Display
  • Sewing and Ironing Services
  • Re-merchandising/Merchandising
  • Apply and Install Communication
  • Grid ceiling
  • Lighting

Maintaining an open dialog with IKEA project managers, a certain level of understanding customers needs and our Know-how are the key to the successful completion of a project and it ensures further smooth cooperation with IKEA.



Besides assembly we also offer interior work services and are specialized in turning your designs and drafts into real structures.

Our well-trained team knows how to deliver presentable results and supports you in reaching your goals on time and on budget.





You want to present your products in a complete new commercial environment, remodel your retail stores or an open-plan office and you need a reliable craftsman's team?

Tell us what you want and how do you want it. Our employees will pay the utmost attention to "your object of desire", while executing the tasks according to your requirements and wishes.

Maybe you just thinking about a new furniture installation in your law firm or you are a doctor and wish to remodel the surgery? You might want to refurnish your University, laboratory or your research institution?

If simple or complex, if individual, universal or specific, STM-Service builds a compact and stable background for your product and working world.

Together we create attractive eye-catchers.




We are aware of the global importance and respect sustainability rules within the execution period and also after the completion of a project.
Our employees process construction material as efficient as possible and take great care of the waste disposal according to the waste management guidelines.

Nowadays, many companies have to keep pace with fast changing requirements and we too invest effort in a good quality management to ensure future business. The most important factor is qualified skilled staff.
We offer our employees training so they can extend their knowledge e.g. getting the expert certificate as "IHK-Fachkraft für festgelegte Tätigkeiten nach BGV A3" (IHK-approved practical course in accordance with the German BGV A3 regulations) as well as opportunities to refresh their installer know-how including work safety and device expertise.


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Thomas Mothes

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